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Yigal brings a very fresh perspective and no-nonsense approach to managing your time, holding yourself accountable and identifying what is truly important in your life so that you work in a manner that is not only financially gratifying but also respects the work-life balance every entrepreneur needs in order to thrive. As president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP,) San Diego Chapter, I've seen first hand how Yigal adds value to all of the events he participates in and we love having him as a speaker and/or panelist.

Mauricio Perez

Broker of Record Keller Williams Realty / NAHREP SD Chapter President


Your presentation was terrific. The style you portrayed kept everyone engaged. Your personal story and connection to our community, I felt, elevated the message you delivered to our members and their guests. One of the fascinating features as a presenter is to establish that personal connection with the audience. You achieved that by showing the “day to day” Yigal with your immediate family by showing the pictures. My personal favorite part is when you shared your “vulnerability” with the story of your wife, when she said she didn’t marry you because she did not want to be alone. That statement resonated with most entrepreneurs and executives in the audience, considering they also needed the support from their spouse to be successful. Obviously, when your daughter joined you, just reaffirmed your personal life story and mission.

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Chairman of the Board I San Diego County hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Incredible presentation and inspiring

Zeji Ozeri

Leadership Director - Macabi